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课时训练(四) Units5—8(七下)
(限时:30 分钟)


1.[2018·黔南] Welcome you all to China and enjoy


A.yourself B.yourselves

C.themselves D.himself

2.[2019·原创] The 19th CPC National Congress (十九大) was a big build a better world.

and we should try our best to

A.difference B.promise C.success D.chance

3.[2018·张家口二模] —Why are you unhappy these days, Julie?

—I can’t see the blackboard because two tall boys sit


A.behind B.next to

C.in front of D.between

4.[2018·重庆] I can’t hear the teacher

with so much noise outside.

A.clearly B.slowly C.warmly D.bravely

5.Jack’s pen is missing.We help him

it everywhere.

A.look after B.look up C.look out D.look for

6.[2019·原创] —Wu Dajing won the men’s 500-meter speed skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

—Wonderful! We are


A.afraid of B.strict with

C.proud of D.thankful to

7.[2018·徐州] I look stupid with this haircut. All my classmates will


A.laugh at B.agree with

C.depend on D.worry about

8.[2018·广东] —Yuan Longping, a famous Chinese scientist, is now doing research on sea rice.

—If farmers

start planting rice in salty water, China’s food supply will surely rise.

A.can B.can’t C.must D.mustn’t

9.[2018·石家庄藁城区模拟] Stop drinking, John! You

yourself if you keep on doing it like that!

A.have killed B.kill

C.killed D.will kill

10.[2018·湘西] —Molly has changed so much! She

be shy and quiet.

—Yes. But now she

speaking in front of class.

A.used to; is used to B.is used to; used to

C.used to; used to D.is used to; is used to


When the Spring Festival falls, red flowers bloom(盛开) on the windows of my home. Of course, these are not 11 flowers. But in the cold of 12 , these wonderful flowers bring warmth to us. They are made of paper by my 13 , who is now aged 70. With a few cuts, she 14 a piece of paper into a beautiful work of art.

When my grandma was young, she was considered clumsy(笨拙的) in the 15 . But on a cold winter night, she saw some beautiful red paper 16 on her new neighbor’s windows. She was so interested in it and decided to 17 from her neighbor. Tons of paper was wasted, and her fingers were cut many times. But she 18 practicing. It took 10 years 19 my grandma could make paper art skillfully(娴熟的). The red flowers, blooming like burning fire, light up her world. Now, everyone in the village 20 her.

My grandma’s story has shown me what it takes to realize one’s dream.

11.A.nice B.real C.full D.sweet 12.A.spring B.summer C.autumn D.winter 13.A.sister B.aunt C.mother D.grandma 14.A.changes B.spreads C.places D.burns 15.A.city B.town C.village D.block 16.A.art B.money C.walls D.books 17.A.buy B.steal C.learn D.borrow 18.A.ended up B.kept on C.put off D.thought about 19.A.before B.after C.while D.since 20.A.serves B.pardons C.respects D.warns Ⅲ.[2018·襄阳]阅读理解
People often ask me for suggestions about how to learn English. As for it, everyone is different. I’ll share some of my experience. I once took a school year English course in Wuhan University, but I mostly learned English on my own.
One thing I can tell you is that, once you’ve started learning, you should try to think in English as much as you can. If you see something when you’re riding your bike or walking down the street, just think about “How would I say them in English?” At first, it might be with simple words or phrases, but later you should think about longer phrases and sentences. Now I’m in America, and for most of the time, I would think in English and speak it directly. It’s amazing how much this helps.
For several years after I started learning, I was often afraid of talking with others in English because I didn’t want to make mistakes. Finally I got it over. And while traveling in America, I’d try to hang out with friends who couldn’t speak Chinese, so that I’d have no choice but to speak English. And I also decided that if I said something stupid and other people laughed at me, then so be it. After that, my English started improving much more quickly.

Besides, it may be a good idea to ask your American friends to look at the way you’re writing, and give you some suggestions for improvement.

21.The writer learned English in Wuhan University for about


A.a week B.a month C.a term D.a year

22.According to the writer,

is a good way to improve your English.

A.thinking in English

B.learning English grammar

C.watching English films

D.reading English books

23.The underlined phrase “get it over” in Paragraph 3 means “

” in English.

A.stick to it B.depend on it

C.overcome it D.understand it

24.To the writer’s surprise, his English improved quickly


A.in the university B.in the middle school

C.in China D.in America

25.The best title for this passage should be


A.The Importance of English

B.My English Learning Experience

C.My University Life

D.My American Friends


阅读短文,并按要求完成 26~30 题。

For thousands of years, people have used plants to make medicine. They used different parts of the plants—the roots, the leaves, the flowers, and the bark. Today, doctors have rediscovered more medicinal values of some plants. Let’s look at some examples of these new uses.

Foxglove is a common plant. People have used it to make the heart slow down. It was used in ancient China for many years. Recently, scientists have developed another drug from it. This new drug helps prevent other heart problems.

In some areas, malaria has been a problem. Scientists have learned that the bark of a South American tree, the cinchona, can be made into a drug to prevent malaria. For a long time, the Chinese have known that a special plant, wormwood, can also fight malaria. Scientists have been working with it to develop new drugs against malaria.

In Germany, some scientists have studied garlic(大蒜) for four years. They found that it helps prevent the build-up of plaque(血小板) because too much plaque is bad for health. They also found there were many advantages of eating garlic.This very common plant continues to be studied.

As we know, there are about 250,000 kinds of flowering plants in the world. Scientists have only studied little more than one percent of plants for their medicinal value. With the development of science and technology, maybe medicines for AIDS and cancer will be made from the other 99 percent.

26、27 题完成句子; 28 题简略回答问题; 29 题给短文拟定一个标题; 30 题将文中画线句子译成汉语。

26.People have used foxglove to make the heart


27.People make the cinchona into a drug which can


28.How many plants are mentioned in the passage?

29. 30. Ⅴ.[2017·随州改编]词语运用

Are you facing problems in learning English? If so, the following two ways will help you to learn it

more 31.

(easy) and with more fun!

“I download English songs from the Internet. It has really improved my listening. What’s 32.m


I am happier when I study this way,” said one junior student. Listening to your favorite English songs


(be) actually an effective way. Before you listen, you can read 34.f

and find out what

the song is about. While listening, pick some 35.

(use) words or phrases. A dictionary may also

be helpful if necessary.

Watching a movie is another good and 36.

(interest) way. “It is wonderful to watch 37.

(movie), and it can help your English a lot!” said a junior three student. “You can also imitate the


(pronounce) of the actors.” So choose your favorite movie before watching. Then have paper

and a pen ready as you may want to write 39.

some useful words or phrases. In this way, you can

increase the number of words and know the dialogues better.

Enjoy using the two ways, and you are sure to learn 40.

(fast) and do better!


Ⅰ.1.B enjoy oneself 意 为 “ 玩 得 高 兴 ”, 反 身 代 词 使 用 时 必 须 与 句 子 的 主 语 人 称 保 持 一 致 , 故 用 反 身 代 词 yourselves。故选 B。

2.C 3.C

4.A 句意:外边那么吵我听不清老师讲课。clearly 意为“清楚地”; slowly 意为“慢慢地”;warmly 意为“温暖地”; bravely 意为“勇敢地”。故选 A。

5.D 6.C 7.A 8.A 9.D 10.A

Ⅱ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇记叙文。年轻时,祖母被认为很笨拙,但在一个寒冷的冬夜,祖母对邻居家窗户上的红纸艺术 品很感兴趣并决定向邻居学*。祖母花了十年时间掌握了剪纸这门艺术,最终赢得了大家的认可和尊敬。这个故事告诉 我们:实现梦想需要时间和毅力。

11.B 考查形容词辨析。根据下文“They are made of paper…”以及下文祖母学*剪纸艺术的描述可知,“我”家窗 户上的红花并不是真的鲜花。故选 B。

12.D 考查名词辨析。根据空前的 the cold 以及上文的 the Spring Festival 等信息推知,这是冬天。故选 D。

13.D 考查名词辨析。根据“who is now aged 70”以及下段中的 grandma 等信息推知,这里说的是,这些红花是由“我” 祖母用纸做的。故选 D。
14.A 考查动词辨析。change 改变;spread 传播;place 放置;burn 燃烧。根据选项理解句意:经过几次剪切,她就把一 张纸变成了一件美丽的艺术品。故选 A。
15.C 考查名词辨析。根据本段最后一句中的“in the village”可知,当祖母年轻时,她被认为是村子里的笨人。故 选 C。
16.A 考查名词辨析。根据上下文中提到的“剪纸艺术”可知,在一个寒冷的冬夜,祖母看见了一个新邻居的窗户上美 丽的红纸艺术品。故选 A。
17.C 考查动词辨析。当看见邻居的艺术品时,祖母对其感兴趣并决定向邻居学*。故选 C。
18.B 考查动词短语辨析。end up 结束;keep on 继续;put off 拖延,推迟;think about 考虑。根据语境和选项理解句 意:祖母为了掌握剪纸这门艺术,用掉了几吨纸,并且手指被伤了很多次。尽管这样,她仍然继续训练。故选 B。
19.A 考查从属连词辨析。句意:十年后,祖母才娴熟地掌握了剪纸艺术。也就是说,在祖母掌握这门艺术之前,她花了 十年时间。故选 A。
20.C 考查动词辨析。因为祖母的努力和勤奋,她掌握了剪纸艺术,现在村子里每个人都尊敬她。故选 C。
Ⅲ.[主旨大意] 本文作者介绍了学好英语的一些建议。首先,一旦你开始学*,你应该尽可能多地用英语思考;其次,多 用英语交谈;此外,让你的美国朋友看看你的写作方式,并给你一些改进的建议。
21.D 细节理解题。根据第一段的句子“I once took a school year English course in Wuhan University…”可 知,“我”在武汉大学学*了一学年英语。故选 D。
22.A 细节理解题。根据第二段的最后一句“It’s amazing how much this helps.(令人惊讶的是,这有多大的帮助)” 可知,本段中提出的建议“you should try to think in English as much as you can(你应该尽可能多地用英语思 考)”是一个很好的方法。故选 A。
23.C 词义猜测题。根据第三段的句子“I was often afraid of talking with others in English because I didn’t want to make mistakes(我不想出错,就不敢和别人用英语交谈)”和最后一句“my English started improving much more quickly(我的英语进步得更快了)”可推知,最后“我”克服了不敢和别人用英语交谈这一点,故可猜出此处表 达“克服”,overcome 相当于 get over,意为“克服”。故选 C。
24.D 细节理解题。根据第三段的句子“And while traveling in America, I’d try to hang out with friends who

couldn’t speak Chinese…After that, my English started improving much more quickly.”可知,作者在美国时, 英语进步很快。故选 D。 25.B 主旨大意题。根据第一段的句子“…about how to learn English. As for it, everyone is different. I’ll share some of my experience.”可知,本文的主旨是“我”的学*英语的经验。故选 B。 Ⅳ.26.slow down 27.prevent malaria 28.Four/4. 29.Plants to make medicine/Use plants to make medicine 30.众所周知,世界上大约有 250000 种开花植物。 Ⅴ.31.easily 32.more 33.is 34.first 35.useful 36.interesting 37.movies 38.pronunciation 39.down 40.faster


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